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Block Management System

Block Management Sytem

Using BMS the user knows the Complete Block, Assembly Production Knowledge & Information before the real production starts.

  • The use BMS vary from Block Division, Part Assignment, Naming Rules and Hierarchy Assignment
  • Block BOM (Bill Of Material) , Weight, Welding Information, Paint Area, etc.
  • Minimizing problems early by Block and Assembly Sequence 3D, 2D Simulation
  • Foundation for Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)

Drawing Automation System

The drawing automation system for PDMS generates all types of domain drawingsvery quickly with user defined options, and its benefits include,

  • Reduction of cost of Drawing Production
  • One 3D Design – Many Domain Drawings as an output
  • Configurable Drawing Options & Draft Options – Domain Drawings with Automatic Annotations and Dimensioning
  • Time Save - No Waiting period: Once Options set, Batch Program produces the All Drawings.

PDMS Drawing Automation System

BOM Automation Tool in AutoCAD

BOM Automation

 The BOM Automation tool developed for AutoCAD,

  • Identify the Bill of Quantities and the Bill of Materials              
  • Previews the BOM and BOQ
  • Create BOM Table and BOQ Table
  • Generates BOM and BOQ Table as an excel sheet


Architecture Automation System