IIT-M Quality Improvement Program

The Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) supported by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Government of India through All India Council for Technical education (AICTE) aims at developing better teaching capabilities within the country. The main vehicle of this program is the development of curriculum and training of the teachers for the same. The present course titled “Computer Aided Design” is being organized at Department of Engineering Design, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai.

 This course aims at introducing both theoretical aspects of computer aided design as well as knowledge needed for practice in industries. Application of CAD in industries is growing at a fast rate in the past few years. Due to the requirement of a better quality of the product and the pressing time constraints, the need for the feasible design alternatives and its applications in the industries is required in the current era. Computer aided design; manufacturing and analysis technologies provide a valuable resource tool for the futuristic design. The emphasis of the Indian industry has shifted from technology absorption to product development. If this welcome shift has to be sustained and supported, the industry must have access to trained man-power that has the necessary skill set for design and manufacture. If more value addition has to take place in India, increasing manpower exposed to these tools and the underlying concepts is a must. If the Indian companies that are presently in this sector wish to move up the value chain, there must be a commensurate increase in the manpower available to them that is trained and well versed with the modern IT based tools used in design and manufacture. This knowledge that the participants will gain from this course can be transferred to the students and in turn everyone will be benefited from this course. The course will cover most important aspects of design using the IT tools such as surface and solid modeling, finite element analysis software, theoretical concepts covering fundamentals of visualization, mathematical basis of surface and solid modeling, computational geometry coupled with the exposure to CAD development and customization, emerging trends in Bio CAD, heterogeneous material modeling etc.

Meenush Technologies works with IIT-M ED for quality Imporment Program and skill development