Corporate Training

In a competitive world, it necessary for every organization to provide high quality services to its customers, and stay ahead in the race. High quality service requires that the engineers have a rock solid understanding on the technologies they work on. Organizations also have to reduce attrition rate and get the maximum benefit from their engineers, for which the engineers have to work at their maximum productivity with minimum frustation.

 As such, it necessary for the organization to train its engineers, improving their existing knowledge and introducing them to technolgies that will improve their productivity and quality of service. But not every organization can afford to have an in-house training department. Third party training organziations, like Meenush COE, specialized in training engineers fill this gap.

Meenush COE offers corporate training services, in the areas of Visualisation, CAD Development, Embedded Systems and GNU/Linux. If you are interested in conducting any of the above courses or a customized course at your office premises, please send an e-mail to