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The Ultimate Solution Provider of CAD, CAM and PLM Development and Customization.


Product DevelopmentProducts from Meenush Technologies

Our CAD, PLM Products serves industries from Shipyards, Plants to Constructions. The range of products from Drawing Automation System to Custom PLM Development.




Services of Meenush TechnologiesService Delivery

Customisation of CAD products and PLM products are in great needs to serve the customer for thier increased prodcutivity, cost optimisation and error free quality in prodcution.


Meenush Center of ExcellenceCenter of Excellence

Meenush having Center of Excellence for CAD, CAM and all CAX areas. We continiously strive to colloborate with Industries, Universities and Institutes where we evolve Skill development and Knowledge Mangament.



Medical VisualizationResearch & Development

Meenush continually working on research and development activities in Visualization, Simulation and other technology areas to give ultimate solutions to the people an industries.

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